President — Holly Coleman

President elect — Pam Hutchison

First Vice President — Kelly Imbody

Second Vice President — Elisa Gunther

Membership Vice President — Peggy Harrison

Secretary — Judi Stankowich

Treasurer — Debbie Yorio


Parliamentarian — Judi Stankowich

Sunshine — Carol Ann Lohman

Legislative Issues – Donna Geise

FaceBook Manager – Karen Throckmorton

Newsletter Editor – Linda Sturgill

Publicity & Photographer – Ann Landis

Co-Photographer – Elisa Gunther

Chaplain — Bronwyn Megginson

Gala Co-Chairman – Linda Sturgill and Kelly Imbody

Past President’s Committee – Past GFWC-HB Presidents: Ann Landis, Helen Stead, BJ Stephens, Julie Wolfe, Karen Throckmorton, and Donna Geise, and Jan Allen and Judi Stankowich 

Website Manager – Elisa Gunther


CSP Chairman

Arts & Culture and Education & Libraries — Karen Throckmorton and Maureen Wright

Civic Engagement & Outreach— Julie Wolfe and Christine Hudson

Environment — Pam Foertsch and Cindy Lee

Health & Wellness — Ann Landis

Signature Program – Jan Allen and Judi Stankowich